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ambitious but rubbish

Jasmine Wolf
12 January
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I live with great passion.

I have feelings about things. Generally strong feelings.

I'm a TCK.

I am married. I am bisexual. I am polyamorous.

I have a cat.

My favorite hobbies include cussing, cooking, and collecting cute shit.

I suck at writing profiles.

I strive to be
clever. creative. caring. charismatic.

The Pullip Blog Crew

Animal Crossing : City Folk

Big giant huge word of thanks to Asuka, lostlain, who has always has done my graphics and layout colors and everything for me. So also makes many many of my icons.

Also a big thanks to all my readers! I <3 you guys sooooo much. If you'd like to add me, feel free, but I'd love to get to know you too, so drop me a line!